Holiday Lighting & Décor Simplified – No Frustration, Danger or Hassle


Personalized Design

We work directly with you to design a highly personalized holiday display. Each design is customized to fit your specific property and made to perfectly express your own unique style.

Professional Installation

Installation is carefully pre-planned by highly professional company engineers to ensure a beautiful result. Each installation is performed by a crew of experienced technicians under the supervision of a specially trained crew chief.

Materials Included

All lighting and décor will be provided and Tahoe Lights will never ask you to purchase or lease materials. This gives you the flexibility of changing your design every holiday season.

Free Maintenance

When necessary, all lighting and décor will be repaired free of charge.

Timely Removal & Storage

All lighting and décor is removed promptly at season’s end, and will be stored at our facility so you do not have to worry about it.

Fully Insured

Tahoe Lights is fully insured and covered under workers comp, so you are protected against any form of injury or damage liability is fully guaranteed.

Full Service

Our company is a full service, beginning-to-end Holiday lighting solution. Employees design, customize, install, maintain, repair, and store holiday lights on homes and businesses, year after year. More affordable and safer than DIY. Hassle and stress free. Let us pamper and serve you with the most creative, classy, traditional and innovative designs year after year. Either develop a eye-catching exclusive look that draws in customers and spread the warm happy cheer and abundance of the festive holiday season. Because we do such a great job, you’ll never go back to doing it yourself!

Knock-your-socks-off-service, professionalism, and prompt delivery of holiday lighting visions are provided every year. Eliminating the hassle; risk of getting seriously hurt; lack of time and energy to purchase, install, maintain and owning sub-par lights; the headaches of non-commercial grade lighting; and the fire hazards; our clients leave all of this to us for fast and efficient beautification of property. Holiday business sales are boosted by a minimum of 30% and our workers practice low impact and Leave-No-Trace installation and removal-like elves in the night. Tahoe Lights create custom, magical, winter wonderland light-scapes for homes and businesses all season long, spreading joy, cheer and holiday glow all season long.

Our Promise

We guarantee the fastest, most efficient service with the highest trained personnel. Tahoe Lights has a stellar 5 year track record in the Bishop and Mammoth Lakes areas and have expanded our exceptional service to the Lake Tahoe and foothills regions for the 2016/17 season. Licensed, trained and insured professional light installers will be performing your installations. Tahoe Lights are by far the most specialized, exclusive, qualified and experienced.

Tahoe Lights offers customized full service lighting experience that caters to repeat clientele year after year for permanent residents, second homeowners and vacation home rentals, as well as year round commercial and business lighting. Our fees include all the aspects of the design, installation removal and care of the lights and decor. Everything such as: electrical cord, timers, design, maintenance, removal and storage, all commercial grade lighting, labor, insurance, become our problem to efficiently handle. Tahoe Lights offers early installation discounts for loyal customers, and because we are an exclusive light company that guarantees your lights are working perfectly every year-without having to purchase and re-purchase lighting, replace new or old worn out strands; we have happy loyal clients that depend on us every year, and our schedule is booked in full, in advance.

We are locals. Owned and operated. Enthusiastic and avid mountain-loving folks.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

To get started, complete the form below. If you would like to give us a call, you may reach us at (310) 488-2274 (cell) or (530) 578-0083 (office). We look forward to building a partnership and community with you and hope to make these the best and brightest holidays you remember for years to come.