What areas do you service?

This is Tahoe Lights’ first year in Tahoe- thus we have a very limited number of spots available. This year we are servicing: South Lake Tahoe, Meyers, Zephyr Cove, Glenbrook, Incline Village and everything in-between. Next year we will be servicing Carson City, Gardnerville, and Genoa areas and all surrounding. The following year we may add Northern and West Tahoe Shores and Reno.

What is the best time to start looking into scheduling our Christmas light installation?

We start scheduling homes as early as mid October for the season and commercial locations can begin design and planning as early as July and August, depending on the scope of the project.

When is the latest you will install lights?

We will stall typically as late as December 22nd. If you want anything after that, generally our crews have left for the holidays and we can get you on the early list the following season.

What's the highest roof you can reach?

We have large ladders and if we need to, we can rent a lift. so far, there has not been a building height we could not service.

What are TRPA restrictions or permits required for holiday lights?

None! There are no TRPA holiday lighting restrictions on commercial or residential holiday lighting from November through March.

Can we keep them up later than January or all year round?

If you want a permanent installation, we do these- the terms of the contract are a bit different- please see the question about Permanent Installations below. If you want them up later than January, there is an additional fee for removal and scheduling may be more difficult.

Will you install lights that we already own?

Generally we do not. We cannot guarantee the workability thus offer our maintenance included full service package. Plus we provide mostly high grade commercial grade lighting.

What’s the difference between the lights I buy in a store and the lights Tahoe Lights Provides?

We custom cut and build every light strand to your property. Everything is custom designed and fit more maximum elegance and neatness. Also our strands do not include fuses. Thus we don’t have the issue of having these blow out and putting your house in the dark. Lastly our lights are commercial grade- they are brighter, last longer than anything you can purchase at the big box stores.

How to you attach the lights?

Usually we use a very light duty staple gun- smaller than your regular office stapler. This hold very well in the worst winter conditions but also will not damage new paint jobs or create holes in your home. We remove most of these during take down and again the following year when we are re-installing, but if you would like us to hand remove all of them we will do it for a small extra fee.

What’s the differences between LED and Incandescent?

Whether you’re looking for longevity, brilliancy, or cost-effectiveness for your Christmas light display, planning to decorate yourself or use a professional lighting installer, understanding the current differences between LED and incandescent light bulbs will help you make better choices for your Christmas lighting needs.

As most consumers know, in the last decade, a rival to the traditional incandescent Christmas light emerged – the LED light bulb.  When LED Christmas lights were first sold in 2007, they had a range of quality inconsistencies, depending on who manufactured them, and were noticeably less brilliant than incandescent Christmas bulbs.

But, how do LED Christmas lights compare to incandescent Christmas lights today?  After nearly a decade of improvements in LED technology and manufacturing, LED Christmas lights have surpassed incandescents and have become the new standard of performance and efficiency in the following five ways:

  1. Energy Usage.  The differences in technology between incandescent and LED bulbs greatly impact the amount of energy they consume.  The incandescent technique of zapping a filament with electricity so it will burn and emit light, wastes a lot of energy because as the filament burns up, it also emits heat.  LED light technology passes electrical current through semiconductor material, which illuminates tiny light emitting diodes (LEDs).  Most of the heat produced is absorbed inside the bulb.  This is why LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less energy than incandescent Christmas lights.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness.  The higher cost of LED lights is a hurdle for some consumers who have trouble justifying why they should pay more.  Consumer Reports compared LED and incandescent Christmas bulbs to determine the comparative cost of light strings of 50 feet for 300 hours.  They found that while LEDs cost more per string, their operating cost was lower:  1 to 3 kilowatt hours of energy compared with 12 to 105 kWh for the incandescent lights, with an overall cost savings of the LED Christmas lights being $1 to $11 for the usage period.
  3. Brightness.  When LED Christmas lights first came on the market in 2007, they were much less brilliant than incandescent Christmas bulbs.  Improvements in today’s LED bulbs have made them equal to or superior in brilliance to incandescents.  In addition, LED Christmas bulbs naturally create a full spectrum of colored light, vs. the more limited painted bulbs that convert white incandescent light into colored light bulbs.
  4. Cool to the touch bulbs.  Incandescent light bulbs not only waste energy by emitting heat into the atmosphere, hot incandescent Christmas bulbs, over time, pose a risk for fire and burn injuries to our hands, children and pets.  Also, the plastic housing of LED Christmas bulbs virtually eliminate the danger of broken glass from incandescent light bulbs.  And from the environmental point of view, when less energy is consumed, less carbon dioxide is produced.
  5. Longevity.  LED technology is more durable and longer lasting.  The Consumer Reports study mentioned early also compared incandescent and LED Christmas bulbs for their longevity.  The LED lights were still working after 4,000-plus hours, while each of the incandescent strings had one or more bulbs burn out before 2,000-hours of usage.  Obviously, the need to replace bulbs and strings is much less frequent for LED Christmas lights.  While most LED bulbs are rated for a service life in the range of 25,000 to 75,000 hours, this greatly depends on the manufacturer, weather conditions used in, length of exposure to outdoor elements.

LED technology has revolutionized the Christmas lighting industry.  The radical differences and benefits of LED technology over incandescent bulbs today may be as significant as the benefits incandescent Christmas bulbs offered over the use of Christmas candles in the early 20th Century

Why are LED’s more expensive?

Because of the improved technology, massive reduction in energy usage and longer lasting bulbs overall.

Do LED and Incandescent lighting look the same?

They are beginning to look pretty close, especially the shades of warm white in an LED, but many of the LED’s especially colored bulbs do not have the same look as the classic traditional incandescent glow. It usually comes down to personal preference which you prefer for your property.

What happens if some of my lights go out?

You can give us a call at (310) 488-2274 as soon as you notice bulbs out and we will come out and fix them usually within 24 hours

How long does a typical light installation take?

Our smallest properties can take a few hours where the largest ones will take a few days.

Does the customer get to keep the lights, clips, timers etc that are used in the installation?

We don’t sell any of our inventory to keep costs down and to prevent sales tax charges. We do guarantee new and working equipment every year and replacement within the warranty period (usually longer) with no questions asked.

Is there a minimum you charge?

Yes, we do- our minimum charge is $695. But we will create an incredible lightscape design for your home of business with this. You will not be disappointed. You will also love our full beginning to end-knock your socks off- service.

How many years have you been designing and installing holiday lights?

This is our inaugural year in Tahoe, though we have been doing this on many residences since 2010 in Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, Los Angeles, Valencia and Santa Clarita, Hollywood and Pasadena.

Does Tahoe Lights liability insurance specifically designed for holiday decorating?

Yes we carry full liability insurance and also workman’s comp.

How much will it cost us to have our decorations installed and taken down?

Everything is included in the service package.

So we rent the decor, lease it or do we own it?

Everything is included in the service package. With our all-inclusive program, you’ll never have to deal with old worn out cords bulbs and strands again! With this program we automatically replace anything worn out each year. And you have the flexibility to change colors and designs each year upon renewal!

Is there an extra cost to store our lights for next year?

No we take care of everything so it stays safe, and maintained from year to year.

Will we need to hire an electrician?

Not usually. We can configure each design to your power availability, however if we are doing extensive tree and yard lighting, we may recommend designated outlets for very large trees or other projects.

Who do we contact for service should there be a problem?

Please contact Tahoe Lights at their cell number 310-488-2274

How far in advance do we need to contact you to get a bid and have the work done?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We have a very limited number of openings this year, and our calendar always fills up. This is the same scenario we encounter every year, even with scaling our growth accordingly. Your best bet is to fill out a quote request, and then we can get you on the calendar in this very short seasonal window.

Can we determine the time that you take the decorations down?

We are happy to take requests! But we usually schedule each area for a specific time and take down all lights in that area before moving to the next. We start around the 2nd of Jan and have most of them down by the 2nd-3rd week of Jan.

Do you do permanent and event and wedding installations?

Yes, we treat permanent, event and wedding installations similarly to our holiday lighting service. There are additional costs for permanent installations due to the cost of the lights. Installation and removal may occur within a week. Labor costs will be within a similar range of our holiday lighting service.

We work directly with you to design a highly personalized lighting display for your event, home, or business. Your design is customized to your site’s specific needs and perfectly designed to create just the right atmosphere.

Your property’s installation and design will be carefully pre-planned by our professional sales designers to ensure a beautiful result. Every project is performed by a crew of experienced technicians under the supervision of a specially trained crew chief.

Yes, maintenance is free during the first 90 days after installation is completed. If any issues arise with your lighting, just give us a call. All purchases come with a 90 day warranty.

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